Uhuru Health Fair & Flea Market

Uhuru Health Festival & Flea Market 2015

The Uhuru Health Festival & Flea Market is back again for 2015! On April 18th, head over to Clark Park (located at 43rd & Chester St., West Philadelphia) to participate in the best event this Spring.

Hosted by the African People's Education and Defense Fund (APEDF), the Uhuru Health Festival & Flea Market is a great way to work towards ending the health and economic disparities in Philadelphia, PA, and supports black community self-determination, justice, health and economic development.

2015 Flea Market Dates!

The 2015 Uhuru Flea Markets are Coming Up!

We'll be kicking off 2015's series of Uhuru Flea Markets with the 2015 Uhuru Health Festival & Flea Market on Saturday, April 18th!

The full list of this year's Uhuru Flea Markets is:

Saturday, April 18th (w/ Health Festival)
Saturday, May 16th
Saturday, June 13th
Saturday, August 22nd
Saturday, September 26th
Saturday, October 17th (w/ Book Fair)

*Rain Dates:  April 19th,  May 17th,  June 14th,  Aug. 23rd,  Sept. 27th,  Oct. 18th

Uhuru Flea Market Supporters!

Build Uhuru Flea Markets, Health Fests & Book Fairs

Expand the markets and your business in 2015 to grow as the One Africa One Nation Marketplace:

• Launch the Health Fest 2015 campaign
• Launch the Flea Market 2015 campaign
• Launch the Book Fair 2015 campaign

We need your ideas and experience to make the markets the best they can be!

Community Meetings: 

Wednesdays • 6:30-8pm
March 18April 1 & 15

Uhuru Furniture & Collectibles
832 N. Broad St @ Parrish
Call (215) 546-1485

Community Impact of the Uhuru Health Fair and Flea Market

Come see what participants had to say about the 2012 Uhuru Health Fair and Flea Market!

Take a look at our most recent photo album on Facebook to see what the participants of the 2012 Uhuru Health Fair and Flea Market had to say about their day at the event!

Head over to the Uhuru Health Fair and Flea Market Facebook to see all the great photos!

Holistic Health & Intro to Reiki

First APEDF "Health in Our Hands" Workshop Series a Success!

On Saturday, February 16th, APEDF held our first Philadelphia free health workshop as part of the African Health in Our Hands Series. Ajua Hawkins, a reiki and energetic healer, led an informative workshop with the theme "Africans have the power to heal ourselves." The talk included important topics such as whole foods, energetic alignment, self-healing and connecting to nature. She revealed that holistic health, which has its origins over 5,000 years ago, can be used to prevent disease, maintain balance and mental health and clarity and empower the community to take on healing holistically. We at APEDF find this extremely important in a time where even the idea of health has been stolen from the African community. This workshop was about empowering the African community with knowledge to bring self and collective healing to the forefront and begin the process of building African community control of health. Stay tuned for more workshops like this!
A special thanks to Ajua Hawkins. Those of you who may be interested in her services visit her website at ajualuv.me.

Support Uhuru Flea Markets in Clark Park!

All our vendors, volunteers, shoppers and supporters...

...for another amazing season of Uhuru Flea Markets in Clark Park!

Want to help make sure we can continue these important African economic development festivals in West Philly?

Sign the petition to support Uhuru Flea Markets:http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/uhurufleamarkets
Uhuru! (Freedom Greetings)
The African People’s Education and Defense Fund, Uhuru Furniture and Uhuru Flea Market  want to extend our deepest thank you to everyone who participated in making the Uhuru Health Fair and Flea Market a huge success. It was the best event APEDF in Philadelphia has ever held! The turn out was excellent, the weather was perfect, hundreds of people got needed health information, the vendors all had successful sales and everyone loved it!
urban essence photo
malik yoga class photo
It doesn’t stop here… This is the beginning of ongoing health programs to end the health disparities the under-served African community in Philadelphia faces.
We want to extend a special thank you to APEDF leaders from St. Petersburg, FL who came up for the event. Princess Williams, St. Pete APEDF program coordinator who spoke, sang and mc’d and Tiffany Williams, leader of the APEDF gym and fitness programs who led a Fit Camp and coordinated the health practitioners at the festival.
princess and janus photo
fitcamp photo
Uhuru Furniture's own Tina Mouzone did a great job as an MC, speaker and ended the day with a soulful singing performance. Tina participated on the committee and co-coordinated the program. THANK YOU TINA!
tina photo
alex photo
We especially appreciate our partner organizations.  Dyana and Theda fromTurning Points for Children got their friends, family and organization involved through distributing literature, online promotions, souvenir ad sales and more. Alex from LIFT won ad sales and sponsors. Both organizations gave great presentations and we look forward to partnering in the future.
kimya photo
turning points for children and siera photo
Thank you to our guest speakers Dr. Michelle Strongfields (IAMM Science Education) and  Harris Daniels (Uhuru Solidarity Movement).
dr. strongfields family photo
vendor photo
A huge THANK YOU to our volunteer committee – meeting sine June and enthusiastically taking on everything that needed to happen to make this event successful.
committee photo
  • Kristen H: made all of the htmls & a flyer, flyered, and came for set-up at 6am
  • Kristen S: created the gorgeous logo, poster and volunteered on sales at the fair
  • Siera: took photos at the event and quotes from participants, postered
  • Janus: postered, got ads, led volunteers and participated in every exercise program
  • Ali B: won performers, souvenir ads and was the star "Save the Flea" petitioner
  • Kimberly: postered, flyered, and filmed the program
  • Salar: social media, postered, flyered and brought his dad
  • Matt: postered, flyered and video
  • Dreher: sound
  • Carter: social media and sound
  • Hye Hun: online promotions, postering and meeting reminders
  • Brenton: flyered at several events
  • Laura: produced the fact sheet
  • Rachel: facts research and got the snacks donation from Whole Foods
The exercise leaders were phenomenal, completely volunteer and added SO MUCH to the program. THANK YOU! Vonda with the Soul Line Dance got people up and moving. Erica Green who led the Zumba was energetic & popular! Our long time friend Gabrielle Plum Dragoness led Dragon Spirit Yoga and UFC friend Ron Ross with Formations Fitness Chair Exercise was perfect for people who have to sit all day on the job. A Tribe Called Masmoudi had everyone shaking it up! Malik Wilson was great in leading yoga black community style! Cachet led an exciting African dance class. We also want to thank Blakki who brought us a wonderful neo-soul performance.
cache photo
ron ross chair exercise photo

THANK YOU to all the volunteer health practitioners who brought vital health resources to this underserved community including the Jefferson Refugee Health Partners who did vision testing, blood sugar and blood pressure -  led by Alan and Jeff with more than 10 volunteers. Vince, Calvin and others from the Mazzoni Center brought out their 23 foot HIV testing unit and did free tests until they ran out of test kits! Kimya did free meditation training,  Marie brought essential oils and aromatherapy, Bani did massage and read fingernails and Ruchama did yoga therapy.
mazzoni center photo
screening photo

A very special THANK YOU to Kaleema Poles who sold her feather  jewelry and donated all the proceeds to APEDF. What wonderful support!
kaleema photo
Besides those on the committee who we already named, we had a great volunteer team for the day of the event. Thank you to Andrew, Alyssa, Yuliya, Steve, Maraia and Mike for your outreach work and sales and oh were we glad to see the breakdown crew - Pete, Linda and Ben brought fresh energy and were incredible reinforcement to the 5am'ers.
yuliya booth photo
salar booth
Our deepest apology if we left anyone out. THANK YOU!

Every Wednesday is an APEDF volunteer team meeting! Join the committee or come to learn about volunteer opportunities for health programs, Uhuru Furniture and Uhuru Flea Markets. Next meeting:
**for flea market inquiries call 215-546-1485**
The Uhuru Health Fair & Flea Market is a project of the
African People's Education and Defense Fund.
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