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Holistic Health & Intro to Reiki

First APEDF "Health in Our Hands" Workshop Series a Success!

On Saturday, February 16th, APEDF held our first Philadelphia free health workshop as part of the African Health in Our Hands Series. Ajua Hawkins, a reiki and energetic healer, led an informative workshop with the theme "Africans have the power to heal ourselves." The talk included important topics such as whole foods, energetic alignment, self-healing and connecting to nature. She revealed that holistic health, which has its origins over 5,000 years ago, can be used to prevent disease, maintain balance and mental health and clarity and empower the community to take on healing holistically. We at APEDF find this extremely important in a time where even the idea of health has been stolen from the African community. This workshop was about empowering the African community with knowledge to bring self and collective healing to the forefront and begin the process of building African community control of health. Stay tuned for more workshops like this!
A special thanks to Ajua Hawkins. Those of you who may be interested in her services visit her website at ajualuv.me.