Uhuru Health Fair & Flea Market

Rest in UHURU Wandering Feather!

Ron Wandering Feather (Randolph) recently passed.  We were lucky to have him vend at Uhuru Flea Markets from time to time.  He was a wonderful artist and jewelry maker with a long personal history of art, teaching at a school, vending his art around the states, having his own art gallery.  His father and grandfather were artists also. Uhuru Ron

To read more on the life and contribution of this amazing artist click here!

Rest in UHURU Jean Holman!

Jean Holman passed away early this 2017 season.  She and her husband vended with Uhuru Flea Market for years, even in the earliest years when it was called Clark Park People’s Flea Market.  Jean was one of the first to join us when we had 30 or so vendors in 2004 or 2005.   She had vended for many years prior to that I am sure. 

She was always the first in the park each Saturday morning. She padded across the park in her slippers, setting up her booth, talking to everyone, and bringing her warm and humorous personality to the market. Jean brought many other vendors to join Uhuru Flea Markets over the years.  She looked out for others and was loved by all for building the camaraderie between the vendors. She has been missed by our staff this year and will be dearly remembered.
Thoughts & love to her family and especially her husband. Uhuru Jean

Pictures from Uhuru Flea Market- June 2017